worship leader

I am currently on staff with Trinity Bible Church in Lafayette Louisiana as full time Worship and Arts Pastor (music and fancy stuff guy).  I have been leading worship with 2 or more people since I lived in 3rd long - carpenter dorms at Texas Tech in 1991.  I played all five songs and all 3 chords over and over again until the cows came home. 
            Since then I have had tons of opportunities to lead others in music and worship.  I was on part time staff at FBC Euless mega-church (dallas tx) with their singles department.  I led part time at TheOaks Baptist church in grand prairie tx with their alt service there called axis coffeehouse for 5  years.  Also during and after college I worked with numerous ministries in Lubbock texas.  Indiana ave Baptist church, Campus crusade for Christ, all greek bible study, BSM, Younglife, FCA, etc.
            I love teaching people scripture in music that sticks with them.  I love what music does to us emotionally and I love being a creative musician.  I have learned tons of songs over the years, many of them stick with you.  I still know the same 5 chords~