Chaos then order, or is it the other way around?  i love working with wood.  you can make mistakes and cover them well, you have better access to more affordable tools for woodworking than say metals or glass.  I like the smell of fresh cut pine.  i like creating things that didn't exist before, i like repairing things that needed some love.  oh and if you really mess up you can just burn it~  ha
     if i had a larger workspace and storage i would have thousands of scraps of wood laying around ready to repurpose.  also living in south louisiana with 90%+ humidity, wood doesn't survive long without care.  the three pics you see here are a few of my projects that i love.  

antique door bench 

    the bench is repurposed doors from our current house.  i'd say the doors were anywhere between 40-60 years old, in bad repair and needed a new style.  the spacers between the doors are from old cabinets as well.  a little wood glue and some drywall screws are holding it together.
handmade wood floors

     These floors are from our old house in dallas.  i cut about 15,000 squares to fit our floors.  the pic you see below is actually past of laying them out to make sure my math was right.  it was not~  i was a few short.  i'll never tell~  
you can see how there are rows that look the same.  after i had planed them and squared them up i transported them in milk crates to the house.  eventually i placed them in random order, sanded, stained and polyeurathaned the entire floor~

birch all wood shelves

i was at the container store in dallas and saw this awesome wooden shelving system for $400+.  
i went home, make some sketches, bought some plywood and made my own.  There are no bolts, nails, screws or glue holding it together.  just tight slats fitting together.  we brought it with us from dallas and i had it in storage out in our little shed.  the bottom 3 inches got ruined by termites and water.  easily repairable, which is why i loved wood.  i cut off a few inches, sanded and routed the edges - voila new and improved.

they say the average carpenter loses a digit every 10,000 cuts.  so far i have almost all my hands~
i recently (2014 feb) started laminating wood and working with depth.  this picture shows two pieces of birch ply and a cedar plank.  the cedar is a very soft wood, i've learned.  it was difficult to find an iPhone 5 cradle so i made my own. i think it turned out well.

laminate iphone5 cradle

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