i live my life by loving others.....or at least i try to.  my moral code, my creed, my ethics are all grouped up in the way i was raised and the area in which it happened.
i grew up with southern hospitality.  if someone is in need you give them the shirt off your back.  if someone needs a ride you take 'em down the road and give them some few bucks extra.  i love that about the south.  My parents were both worked hard at teaching us about doing good, doing the right thing, being appropriate and being respectful.

     i was also raised in and around sunday morning church.  where you would get dressed up, wear a belt, close your eyes when others prayed and didn't laugh or talk when the preacher did.
ethics, morals, codes and creeds are only a tiny part of love.

     i believe in the Love of sacrifice.  naturally i wouldn't want to help someone that wronged me, some jerk that stole something from me or lied to me.  unnaturally i know there is something greater than this. i guess you would call it supernaturally.  knowing that there is someone strong enough and confident enough to do such inconceivable things as laying down his life for someone that didn't deserve it......i gotta be like this guy.  more intricately - i should be like this guy to my neighbor or the dude that steals from me.  ultimately - i should be like this because i can't help but react that way.

     therefore LOVE - i have found the greatest example of that in Jesus Christ.  
so i get stuck in rules of religion sometimes and then chuck them out the window because i realize that prisoned me in.  rules are easy to follow so that you don't have to ask questions or ponder the ramifications.  so i ask.  i read.  i study.  i make mistakes.  i laugh.  i love.

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