this is my family there was this really cute girl in high school (KHS spring, tx) that i stood next to in line for lunch one day.  she was short with dark brown hair.  kinda italian looking and i remembered thinking,  l like her.  

that was in 1989.  you know, right before prince's party.  when van-hagar was around.
11 years later i was on highschoolalumnidotcom and found a few friends in the dallas area that i could go have coffee with.  

we went to downtown fort worth and had fish tacos at Cabo~  walked around the square and visited barnes and noble.  2 weeks later i was in love.  maybe 2 days later.  anyway we got married less than a year later.  

we have two sweet boys: 
Jules was born in 2009 and Jude in 2012

Jules loves superheroes.  sometimes he wears batman pajama and a superman cape.  He likes playing the PS3, snuggling, running very fast, ninja moves, talking about bodily functions and throwing corn starch all over the entire house.

Jude loves yelling at the air.  He also enjoys biting inanimate objects as well as moving things.  He is currently working on his dick grayson family impersonations - table tops, chairs, kitchen counters etc.  He likes eating, laughing, slobbering, hopping and pooping.  His dislikes include sleeping, not eating, changing diapers, anything not his way, vacuum cleaners and the mafia.