i'll upload some of my favorite tunes i have written, lyrics and sometimes chords.  lots of people have asked me over the years about the background and meaning of my words.  let's talk about it~
we will start with:

What am I gonna do with me?
What Am I Gonna Do With Me? 2.0 - Caffeine and Gasoline

I’ve been moving around an awful lot
And I can’t seem to get my focus onto you
And oh thank God that you are concrete
And you are waiting there, open arms for me

Oh, I,  What am I?
Gonna to do with me?
My oh my, What shall I?
Do with me?
I can’t even understand
Why I don’t just allow you in
When I know you set me free
What in the world
Am I gonna do with me?

So here we are back into this carnival of life
I’m a rollercoaster in a hurricane
You told me that you love me
But I don’t see how it’s a possibility?


Every now and again I get a little glimpse
Of what it is that I am supposed to do
I figure I ought to keep my nose to the microphone
And let my heart do some overtime with you

I know there’s got to be
Something more than just simply me
Grasping and flailing uncontrollably
Into this tapestry of
Deep within the shadows of
I can be broken free of
What am I gonna do with me?

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