Wednesday, May 15, 2013

it's all good

welcome to my webpage revamp.  i've decided to switch up my band promo page to a more personal connecting page.  this way i can know more about you, you can know more about me and we can be best friends.  forever.

my name is joel sprayberry.  i grew up on a dirt road in southeast texas.  it was called sweetgum lane but we never had a roadsign, everyone just kinda knew where it was.  well, everyone that drove down mitchell anyway~

I grew up helping my mom stir things in the kitchen.  I helped my dad work on vehicles, hunting equipment and often an invention out of necessity.  I helped my brother break all of those things plus all the things in the kitchen.

My parents poured music into us early.  We grew up listening to steppenwolf, creedence, paul simon, the art of noise and least that was from my dad - mom would influence us with ijm croce, john denver, and OMD.  i grew to love music and where it would take me.  I was made for it.

we were forced to take piano lessons for about 900 years all of which i learned how to play "heart and soul" and "home sweet home" by motley crue.  i eventually got a drumset and beat the crap out of it until the entire family thought it would be best to keep the family together by selling it.  My brother and i grew up listening to old country and rap.  small towns provide a great niche' of music.  we were into DMC and the Beasties.  we even did a rap for the local television affiliate for "for kids sake".  Now that i think of it, it reminds me a lot of crispy creme.  if you haven't seen his parody vids you gotta stop by and laugh.

eventually i took up guitar.  we bought my first guitar from the Houston chronicle classifieds.  (pre www) a 6 string acoustic yamaha.  i loved that thing.  i played it night and day.  sometimes i would sleep with it under my pillow (maybe that is why i never rested well).  dad taught me my first tune - house of the rising sun.  Yes i am now a worship pastor in Louisiana.  my introductory musicianship was about a whore-house in NOLA.  nice.  i eventually learned every chord in that song and got confident enough to play the song for my friends and family.  the anticlimactic fail was that i could only playing laying down.

i love the outdoors.  i used to hike and climb but we don't have much of that here.  i've also found that i enjoy being fat and lazy more now.  :-(
if you were around i would challenge you to a game of speed scrabble and then to a rigorous game of frisbee golf.  (both which i love and both which i rarely win).

i'll keep adding to this when i think of something funny.  and all my new fancy ideas as well.